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North Central Texas Most Progressive Original Rock Band!

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“I just listened to America on your streaming page. What a great song that sends a great message. Great musical ideas and really good performance." 

Songcast user

E V E N T S​

Coming soon: the Rock 'n' Roll Canticles live!

“I love the originality of their songs! It's great to have talent being brought back into the music industry.”

​iTunes user V** T*****


February 2023 - Robert Silva with First Rush releases their new album "The Rock 'n' Roll Canticles", produced by Rick Johansen,  mastered by Benny Quinn, and now available at:
and soon also at Itunes and Amazon.

April 2020- Newly restored legacy First Rush studio tapes from 1978-9. Some of these song titles are still being performed.

December 2019 - "Dance In The Fire" album is mastered and available online,

Buy our Album on iTunes,
Just click on the iTunes logo! 
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